Building a Nutritional Foundation for Life

Increasing Healthy Food Consumption × Decreasing Childhood Obesity & Cardiovascular Disease


The SMART CAFÉ program's goal is to decrease childhood obesity and adult cardiovascular disease by increasing healthy food and decreasing junk food consumption among K-2 graders.


Our History

The SMART CAFÉ program (Student Mentors Advising Real Time Choices About Food & Eating) was started in 2012 through a partnership between Louisiana State University Health Science Center's School of Medicine and ReNEW Sci Tech Academy to address the increasing occurrence of childhood obesity and the prevalence of cardiovascular disease in New Orleans.

What we do

LSUHSC students along with other health science students from around the city sit with elementary school students during lunch, encourage the students to try all the food on their cafeteria trays (supplied by Revolution Foods), and explain basic nutritional science to the students in an age-appropriate, curriculum-guided, interactive discussion format.

Our mission

We aim to establish the SMART CAFÉ program at multiple schools in order to spread a cafeteria culture where healthy eating is the norm so that young New Orleanians make healthy eating choices into adolescence and adulthood.

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Schools we currently partner with:

  • Audubon Charter School

SMART CAFÉ is always looking for student volunteers to get involved. Please contact us if you are interested in helping out a great cause!


If you have completed training and would like to schedule your volunteer time with us, please click here.

Our Partners:


Board Members

Chairman - John Person (jpers1@lsuhsc.edu)

Recruitment/Medicine SGA Liaison - David Samsel (dsame@lsuhsc.edu)

Curriculim/Training - Bren Davis (wdavi6@lsuhsc.edu)

Data Manager - Lara Berghammer (lbergh@lsuhsc.edu)

Treasurer - Haley Capello (hcapel@lsuhsc.edu)

Secretary - Alex Caillouet (acail2@lsuhsc.edu)

Nursing School Liaison - Taylor Talley (ttall2@lsuhsc.edu)

Board of Governors Representative/Dental Hygienist Liaison - Caitlin Simon (csimo3@lsuhsc.edu)